Guess the Number

Rules & Instructions

This is very simple logical game. Program will generate a 4-digit random number and what you have to do is to try guessing this number correctly in minimum number of attemps.

Since it is not a magical or trick game, there are some simplifications and rules so that one can play this game and guess the number in one lifetime.. Wink


  • No digit is repeated. For Example, 2588 is an invalid number. Even this simplification can produce over     150 thousand combinations.
  • Whenever you guess a number, you will be given information about number of digits at correct position and number of digits at wrong position in this 4-digit number. (Though Actual number is not given)
  • Based on this information, try entering another number effectively to guess intelligently.
  • One should take no more than 7 attemps to guess the number

Understanding Button Interface

  • One can start or reset the game by clicking Start button.
  • To enter a number, click on the Calculator interface and press Enter.
  • To delete the number without entering it, press Clear Button. This will clear number.
  • If you find it very difficult to guess the number, Press Giveup.

Understanding Display Output

  • Two output displays have been provided to give the results and information during play.
  • LCD display
  • Another is Text base Display. Text base display is very simple and self explainatory.
  • There are four groups in LCD display
  • Attempts: It displays total number of attempts from the start of the current game.
  • R: It displays the total number of digits at correct position in the entered number.
  • W: It displays the total number of digits at incorrect position in the entered number.
  • Number: This field displays the current number, being entered.

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