SVTechie Book Club modifications

I was thinking about creating an online community based book library management system for long time and I was partially successful in creating such system as you may have seen at SVTechie Book Club.

Though SVTechie Book Club is in itself is complete but I am thinking about new set of features. I started with following features in mind

  • Sharing – people can share and exchange books.
  • Flexibility – People can list books for reference only and indicate if do not want to share
  • Flow control – Credit mechanism to facilitate equitable book sharing mechanism
  • Safety – Referral based membership and admin approval for membership and each book additions.
  • Ease of use – Extensive control panel to perform book management. Easy addition of books etc.

Current System does support all of the above features except in hindsight, I feel that some of the features may not be needed 

  • Sharing – Except third world countries and students, general audience may not want to share books. If they want to get book, go to library.
  • Safety – Referral based membership creates initial membership hurdle and creates unnecessary steps in registration process.
  • Ease of use – some of the features require compromise on usability.

I am thinking about following modifications

  • Template change – Make use of space and compact menu system
  • Registration/Login – Direct membership into book club and one step simplified registration process on book club main page
  • Book Addition – No approval required to add books. Compact DHTML based book addition. Add library of congress to addition search. (Simple ISBN based system)
  • Groups mechanism – User group system. User can create groups and can decide if it is book share, exchange or reader's club. Inherent support for all three of above systems.
  • Invitation and connect – Users with similar books & interests are connected together and invite them to create reader's club.
  • Categories – this I am not sure of. Should categories be extensive or simplified few categories (as now)? Any suggestion! 

What do you feel about these features.. any suggestion, comment etc.

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