Book Club Development Notes

Before I start writing second SVTechie Book Club modifications blog entry, some notes from book club development history are presented here.

First and foremost, I always find using and modifying existing code easier than writing from scratch. Though, existing code is always written over finally, old code provides nice anchoring plateform. (More so when I know so little about web design). So I chose com_booklibrary component of Joomla! to start with.

com_booklibrary component had lots of bugs when I started using it. But now it is little more stable. Initial modifications were little cusotmization for But later on, I have added more features and have rewritten most of the code.

Few features I added (apart from bug fixes) are

  • Referral based User Membership. It required separate member database in joomla! as I wanted same user management system as rest of
  • User can add/modify/delete there own books.
  • User profile management
  • Credit based lend mechanism
  • Simplify some of the addition.

Will be posting later on development status and new features, I am planning to add(modify) in svtechie book club. stay tuned!


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