Book Club Modifications – III

New version of SVTechie Book Club is released with following changes

  • Template change – Tables are more user friendly and nice looking too!
  • Pages are compatible with both – IE and Firefox Browser.
  • Manage Request – Simplified Interface. Included declined book as well in transaction history. Cleaned up significantly.
  • Lend Request Form – DHTML/JavaScript based calendar to enter dates.
  • Allow negative credits – Person can request books. Owner can make decision based on credits and user reviews.

Currently working on following modification

  • Book Addition – Compact DHTML based book addition.
  • Book Tagging – Rather than creating various categories to handle the books (which complicates user interface and bulky too), book tagging is added. Person can tag the book with a single keyword and this keyword may act like sub-category too. I have copied this idea from other sites. 

Stay tuned… meanwhile book club is 100% usable!

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