Book Club Modifications – IV

Latest Modification goal is to simplify book addition.

  • Currently it looks like following 

There is next section to this form which looks like following and is needed when fetch information setting is "On your own". Though this form is not required in most of the cases, it is there (implemented as static form).


  • Next step is to implement this form using DHTML. This unnecessary portion can be hidden and make visible only when fetch information is set to "On your own".
  • Similarly, if person doesn't want to rent book, Book Location and Book Condition is optional and can be hidden in similar fashion.
  • Also I would like to add text book donation option (while adding the book) indicating book is available for donation. Once there is critical mass of books available, these books will be collected and shipped to charities. 
  • And ofcourse, Tag/Keyword system is also in the air.

Stay tuned! 

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