Incognito+Qemu Persistant VM

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Keyloggers can be defeated even if Incognito is running inside VM. If passwords are stored in firefox built in password manager then it will never be typed and then password is safe. Login password or password for password manager may still be available to key loggers however these passords are for your local VM machine.

I customized Incognito to meet following requirements

  • A system which can be carried on USB drive and as well have on home machine with ease of use.
  • Data must persist on USB drive and on home machine.
  • No home machine reboot for accessing internet, it creates adaptation barrier.
  • Not USB bootable – Old machines does not have USB boot capabilities or not enabled in BIOS.

Custom Incognito consists of following

  • Boot ISO image – Boot information from Incognito LiveCD (~4M)
  • Qemu Raw Image: ext3 formatted
  • Raw image has content of Incognito liveCD and enough space for home volume (50MB+30MB)
  • Qemu runtime files
  • KQemu Accelerator Install file (Optional Install). KQemu will speed up.

Installation & Usage Help

  • Download Qemu+Incognito file.
  • Extract the files.
  • Locate boot.bat in extracted directory. Double click on it to run the machine.
  • First time run on any machine will ask you to install KQemu accelerator. If you do not want to install, please click cancel and system will continue. Installing KQemu will make software run faster. (Please do not change default installation settings of KQemu).
  • Software will start and will come up with a prompt (first time) to ask you if you want to create home volume. Select yes if you want user data to persist.
  • Next choose between encrypted or normal home volume. Recommended is to have encrypted volume.
  • Enter password for encrypted volume and hidden volume. Be careful while entering passwords as there is no password confirmation so mis-typed password will make your system unusable. (Do not worry, you can always overwrite your installation, just extract again and restart.)
  • Use “down” arrow key to enter password for hidden volume.
  • Script will install and initialize the system and is ready to be used .

Installation on USB

  • Copy extracted directory to USB and you are ready to go. Follow above steps.
  • In fact, you may want to run Incognito from USB so that your settings are always available to you.
  • Alternatively, you can choose to sync USB directory and installation on your PC.

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