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For personal webpage owners who wants flexibility as well as cheap option, great way is to host server at home. But it involves working with multiple tools if site uses powerful features. SVTechie.COM is perfect example of a personal site which is as powerful and feature rich as any commercial web site (Except few visits and bandwidth requirements). Only two kind of web hosting services are available out there, "very costly and feature rich" or "cheap with limited resources" at disposal. This has forced me to adventure into unkown world of web hosting & server where it can be cheap and at the same time feature rich!! Stay Tuned for Updates.

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Please Note: This section discuss information, specific  to SVTechie.COM only. Your requirement may differ significantly, hence please use any information , presented here on your own risk. This website and author are no way responsible for damage caused.


SVTechie.COM uses following softwares to manage contents

All of above are PHP based and support MYSQL for database management. If contents are very feature rich, PHP may require more memory to run and execute PHP scripts. Memory allocated to run PHP scripts is called PHP memory and is normally allocated by server administrator. Because of PHP memory limitation, Many host like BlueHost, or Netfirms can not support Gallery 2!! So it makes sense to have Web Server at Home, if you have broadband connectivity.

Another thing to note is that SVTechie uses open source and free softwares. Similarily , SVTechie Back-End includes following software

Now it is very tricky situation, because I want to use my wife's PC as webserver and she wants to use Windows XP! And easy way out is to use CYGWIN. CYGWIN provides UNIX layer on Windows Plateforms. But it also slows down execution of PHP scripts. Easiest way is to use EasyPHP which is Apache, MySQL and PHP combined in package. But because of legacy reasons, Cygwin is going to be used. Also there is great support for Python, Perl, SSH and various utilities under Cygwin. Initial Specification is

  • AMD Athlon 1400+ processor based system
  • 40 GB Hard Disk
  • 768 MB Memory (512 MB added because of high memory requirements)
  • High Bandwidth Connection (Dynamic IP one will do)

Next section is CYGWIN install… Stay tuned for further updates. 

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