About TestGenie: Analytics based exam preparation

I was co-founder of TestGenie, a web/android app for Indian Test Prep Market (http://www.testgenie.com). TestGenie was a platform for MBA Preparation and Computer Based Testing. TestGenie provided the effective technology tools to compete in the current education system and customizing contents as per students individuality and requirements.

We worked on algorithms to personalize and improve results for students. Deployed solution on AWS cloud and 40,000 students were using it at one time.

You can see demo at http://tg.svtechie.com.

Portable Apps ….

PortableApps is very convenient application management system which allows you to carry your favorite applications on USB drive and can be downloaded at PortableApps.com.

Not all applications can be made portable because of

  • How application interacts with Operating system
  • If application is not free.
  • Not all companies allow free distribution of their software.

However, PortableApps currently offers strong enough application suite for daily need. Check it out!

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Incognito+Qemu Persistant VM

For details about Incognito, please visit www.patdouble.com.

Keyloggers can be defeated even if Incognito is running inside VM. If passwords are stored in firefox built in password manager then it will never be typed and then password is safe. Login password or password for password manager may still be available to key loggers however these passords are for your local VM machine.

I customized Incognito to meet following requirements

  • A system which can be carried on USB drive and as well have on home machine with ease of use.
  • Data must persist on USB drive and on home machine.
  • No home machine reboot for accessing internet, it creates adaptation barrier.
  • Not USB bootable – Old machines does not have USB boot capabilities or not enabled in BIOS.

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