Book Club Modifications – IV


Latest Modification goal is to simplify book addition.

  • Currently it looks like following 

There is next section to this form which looks like following and is needed when fetch information setting is "On your own". Though this form is not required in most of the cases, it is there (implemented as static form).


  • Next step is to implement this form using DHTML. This unnecessary portion can be hidden and make visible only when fetch information is set to "On your own".
  • Similarly, if person doesn't want to rent book, Book Location and Book Condition is optional and can be hidden in similar fashion.
  • Also I would like to add text book donation option (while adding the book) indicating book is available for donation. Once there is critical mass of books available, these books will be collected and shipped to charities. 
  • And ofcourse, Tag/Keyword system is also in the air.

Stay tuned! 

Book Club Modifications – III

New version of SVTechie Book Club is released with following changes

  • Template change – Tables are more user friendly and nice looking too!
  • Pages are compatible with both – IE and Firefox Browser.
  • Manage Request – Simplified Interface. Included declined book as well in transaction history. Cleaned up significantly.
  • Lend Request Form – DHTML/JavaScript based calendar to enter dates.
  • Allow negative credits – Person can request books. Owner can make decision based on credits and user reviews.

Currently working on following modification

  • Book Addition – Compact DHTML based book addition.
  • Book Tagging – Rather than creating various categories to handle the books (which complicates user interface and bulky too), book tagging is added. Person can tag the book with a single keyword and this keyword may act like sub-category too. I have copied this idea from other sites. 

Stay tuned… meanwhile book club is 100% usable!

Book Club Modifications – II

New version of SVTechie Book Club is released with following changes 

  • Template change – Compact Menu System and moved login/registration to prominent position
  • Registration/Login – One step simplified registration process
  • Book Addition – No approval required to add books. Modified book addition form to have required information at beginning of the form

Currently working on following modification

  • Book Addition – Compact DHTML based book addition.

It may be simple modification but I need to learn and then code it. Please provide suggestions/links to learn DHTML based form design!

Book Club Development Notes

Before I start writing second SVTechie Book Club modifications blog entry, some notes from book club development history are presented here.

First and foremost, I always find using and modifying existing code easier than writing from scratch. Though, existing code is always written over finally, old code provides nice anchoring plateform. (More so when I know so little about web design). So I chose com_booklibrary component of Joomla! to start with.

com_booklibrary component had lots of bugs when I started using it. But now it is little more stable. Initial modifications were little cusotmization for But later on, I have added more features and have rewritten most of the code.

Few features I added (apart from bug fixes) are

  • Referral based User Membership. It required separate member database in joomla! as I wanted same user management system as rest of
  • User can add/modify/delete there own books.
  • User profile management
  • Credit based lend mechanism
  • Simplify some of the addition.

Will be posting later on development status and new features, I am planning to add(modify) in svtechie book club. stay tuned!


SVTechie Book Club modifications

I was thinking about creating an online community based book library management system for long time and I was partially successful in creating such system as you may have seen at SVTechie Book Club.

Though SVTechie Book Club is in itself is complete but I am thinking about new set of features. I started with following features in mind

  • Sharing – people can share and exchange books.
  • Flexibility – People can list books for reference only and indicate if do not want to share
  • Flow control – Credit mechanism to facilitate equitable book sharing mechanism
  • Safety – Referral based membership and admin approval for membership and each book additions.
  • Ease of use – Extensive control panel to perform book management. Easy addition of books etc.

Current System does support all of the above features except in hindsight, I feel that some of the features may not be needed 

  • Sharing – Except third world countries and students, general audience may not want to share books. If they want to get book, go to library.
  • Safety – Referral based membership creates initial membership hurdle and creates unnecessary steps in registration process.
  • Ease of use – some of the features require compromise on usability.

I am thinking about following modifications

  • Template change – Make use of space and compact menu system
  • Registration/Login – Direct membership into book club and one step simplified registration process on book club main page
  • Book Addition – No approval required to add books. Compact DHTML based book addition. Add library of congress to addition search. (Simple ISBN based system)
  • Groups mechanism – User group system. User can create groups and can decide if it is book share, exchange or reader's club. Inherent support for all three of above systems.
  • Invitation and connect – Users with similar books & interests are connected together and invite them to create reader's club.
  • Categories – this I am not sure of. Should categories be extensive or simplified few categories (as now)? Any suggestion! 

What do you feel about these features.. any suggestion, comment etc.