Accelerating IoT Analytics Deployment

Fast & Big Data Architecture for IIoT

As mentioned in my previous post, an IoT solution requires analytics as a critical component, and analytics requires a copious amount of data to detect patterns which inevitably escape human observation. This blog post tackles and offers a potential solution to the IoT data challenges.

Tremendous business value from IIoT comes through the real-time analysis of streaming sensor data (Fast Data) combined with the analysis of a large volume of sensor data over longer time periods with other enterprise data (Big Data). This architecture is sometimes referred as the Lambda architecture.

Any IIoT architecture is invariably going to face bandwidth challenges, scalability challenges and must be able to respond in real-time for actionable intelligence as shown in the figure.

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From Connected Devices to IoT

Internet of Things (IoT) is at the top of its hype cycle curve, the peak of inflated expectations. Many companies are working on an IoT solution or have an IoT solution.

Over the past several months, in talking to prospects, investors, and co-entrepreneurs, there seems to be a disconnect on the requirements for an effective IoT solution, especially regarding the importance of  sensor data in particular the data’s granularity  and “velocity” needed for successful cloud analytics.

This series discusses the critical nuances of an IoT solution, the slope of enlightenment, that delivers on the promise of a more productive, cost effective or new business process or opportunities. The post starts at a very fundamental level.

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Issues with sensor data analytics

Great article outlining issues to be considered when performing sensor data analytics: The awkward conversation about sensors and data that we need to hear

In summary, issues outlined in original articles are:

  • Sensors sometimes lie: Values start drifting over period of time or because of operating conditions
  • Not the whole truth: Remote processing units or edge analytics can filter out the  relevant sensor information.
  • It can take work to get a signal: Sometimes modeling the sensor behavior may take long time.
  • Scoring: Scoring or model execution may cause problem as updating the model at remote locations is problematic.
  • Sensor data can be useless on its own: Businesses need to combine sensor data with other operational data to make it meaningful.

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Portable Apps ….

PortableApps is very convenient application management system which allows you to carry your favorite applications on USB drive and can be downloaded at

Not all applications can be made portable because of

  • How application interacts with Operating system
  • If application is not free.
  • Not all companies allow free distribution of their software.

However, PortableApps currently offers strong enough application suite for daily need. Check it out!

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Web Server @ Home

For personal webpage owners who wants flexibility as well as cheap option, great way is to host server at home. But it involves working with multiple tools if site uses powerful features. SVTechie.COM is perfect example of a personal site which is as powerful and feature rich as any commercial web site (Except few visits and bandwidth requirements). Only two kind of web hosting services are available out there, "very costly and feature rich" or "cheap with limited resources" at disposal. This has forced me to adventure into unkown world of web hosting & server where it can be cheap and at the same time feature rich!! Stay Tuned for Updates.

Any question regarding this can be discussed at SVTechie forum

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